Teepee & Packages

Why choose a teepee?

Our Nordic teepee stands over 7m high and has a diameter of 10.3m with all the sides down and 13m with all the sides up.  It is truly impressive.  The amazing structure immediately gives the wow factor to any event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, conference or festival – it is sure to rouse excitement from your guests.  The unique design of the teepee also allows you to be able to lift all or some of the sides to allow the Whitsunday breeze in and take advantage of our spectacular views.

We can supply just the teepee or the whole package.  See prices below, please note these prices are GST exclusive

Teepee DL_Page_2

 Tipi Floorplans

The teepee is versatile and can seat up to 120 guests with all the sides up. There are many different options so get in touch and lets chat about what we can do for you to make your day truly memorable.

Teepee floorplan with sides up seats 120
Teepee floorplan with sides down seats 70